Station Software

I have chosen to share my source code for this software in the hope that others find it useful or educational. It is a work in progress and always evolving. It does not have a polished user interface or configuration front end. There are several areas that could use improvement. With that said, I have had this software in continual use running my weather station since 2007 and it has been very stable running under Linux on several different hardware platforms. Use it at your own risk, but please enjoy. Also, send me an email of you try out the software. I will attempt to provide some support as time permits.

This software has several dependencies to other open source packages. I have provided a list and the links to that software below. I plan to eventually provide a configuration/administrator's guide if there is any demand for it, as the install and configuration is not automated at this point in time. I will work towards creating a complete install package that installs the daemon, along with the scripts that start the daemon, clean up logs, etc. Drop me a line if you need this information before I can make it available

If you do choose to download this software, I ask that you do not use it to create a commercial product without my permission. I also request that you reference my original work on any software that you might derive from it. Finally, if you make any improvements/modifications/bug fixes, I request that you send them back to me so that I may incorporate them into the original.

Weather Station Daemon

This is the source code for the weather station daemon. It includes the hardware data acquisition and data publishing code for several services such as CWOP, WeatherUnderground, WeatherBug and WeatherForYou. This code is written in Java and works with several 1-Wire hardware components including hubs, anenometers, temperature, humidity, barometer, lightning, and rain gauges. I have also included an init script to start/stop the service and a sample configuration file

Supporting Jar Files

These are the support jar files used by the weather station daemon. They are all open source and should be downloaded from their home sites. Links are provided below

Note: The versions listed are the versions I am currently running. Newer version should work but haven't been tested.

Data Upload and Log Cleanup

These scripts are used to clean up the log files and upload the weather data to a Web/FTP site. The scripts are run using cron, so a sample crontab file is included. I have also included a simple program to retrieve the weather data from the weather daemon. Communication with the daemon is through a TCP port using a very simple protocol. Most of these scripts are very rudimentary and lack error handling. There's a lot of room for improvement in them, but they work and can be used as a strating point for anybody who wants to improve them.

Most of these scripts are specific to my installation. You will need to customize these scripts for your specific installation.

Web Site Files

These are the Javascript and PHP files used to power the Web site. I may also include a template Web site to be built on. Much of this is personalized to my specific needs so it will require modification to suit your own specific use cases.

Note: These are my first attempts at PHP and Javascript coding. If you see some beginner mistakes now you know why :-)